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My biggest goal in life is to do the best that I can. I am proud that I have made it this far, and I plan on going even further.



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Previously on Real Life @ RMU


Hello, my name is Brieanna and I am one of the new bloggers at RMU. I'm going to get started by telling you some things about me. Well first off I am a freshman, straight out of high school, 2010 graduate. I live in a suburb called Bolingbrook and been living there since kindergarten. I have one little sister named Kennedy and I live with both parents. While I am a student at RMU I am also on the women's track team. I throw weight, discus, javelin, shot put and hammer. I currently hold the weight record for the farthest thrower at RMU and I am just a freshman. I have been doing track since the 7th grade and I love it still till this day. But track is not the only thing that I love.

In school I was always very athletic. I played basketball, track, dance team, volleyball, and I also did ballet and jazz tap dancing. I also like to read and TEXT, and I'm always on Facebook. In my spare time you can usually catch me doing something that has to do with sports, playing with my pet rabbit Oreo, hanging with family or friends or hanging out with my bf of one year. He is definitely my best friend.

So on the subject of my best friend, his name is Cyle and I been with him since my senior year in high school. Cyle and I have been through hell and back but here we are a year later and I am thankful to still have him. We had to go through a lot to figure out who we were together and individually. Now we know each other like we were related. I love him to death and I'm glad I can call him my bf and best friend.

My other best friend is my mother. I can tell her anything and everything. We have so many jokes and she ALWAYS makes me laugh no matter what. It's cool that we have this kind of relationship and it makes everything easier and more fun. I love my mom no matter what and she will always be my best friend and my number one.

Back onto the school subject, my major is surgical technician. This actually wasn't my first choice in a major. When I looked into RMU they told me that they had forensics, but when I came for my financial aid and everything they told me that they didn't have it so the next thing was S.T. I really love everything about forensics and that is my next task to tackle after I graduate from surgical technician.

Some other things about me are that I love to sing and dance. I actually just had my first solo at church a couple of weeks ago. I love video games even if I just watch; I love to watch movies, scary movies in particular. Well that's enough about me and I hope that you enjoyed.

Xoxo, Bware

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So I know Iím always talking about my track team and what I do, but itís only because I love it. This past weekend was the start of my first outdoor track meet of college. We went down to Ohio where my coach used to go to school; The University of Cincinnati.  This was a five to seven hour drive and it was very tiring.

So to go to Ohio I had to get up at 4 in the morning and get myself situated and make sure I was all packed. After I did all that I left with one of my teammates and we walked to where we catch the vans for practice right behind RMU. When it hit six we were ready to get on the road. I instantly fell asleep and somehow woke up when we were in Indiana. Downtown Indiana looks just like downtown Chicago which is why I was confused at first about where I was.

After I looked around I fell back asleep and woke up when we had a break. When we had our break I knew we were close. Once we got to Ohio we got some food then we went to the school. I must say that school is huge! It was a beautiful school, and something I wasnít used to. So while I was looking at the school I was told the hotel was within the school which was really cool to me.

So we put our stuff up and changed and got ready for practice. After practice we got something to eat and had a team bonding moment. After that we just hung out until it was time for lights out. Since I am a thrower I had to be at the buses at 8 because I started my first event at 9. I was extremely nervous but excited. I did ok for my first meet but I still could have done a lot better.

I ended up breaking the hammer record and the shot put record for our school, so I have three records under my belt. I plan on breaking my own records this weekend. Oh I canít forget, on the way home we got some amazing ice cream, never tasted anything like it. But overall I loved this trip and I plan to kick butt this week in Memphis.

Xoxo Bware  

Real Life @ RMU


Program: Surgical Technology Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL Campus: Chicago
RMU Experience

Being at RMU has been a totally different experience. It's not what I thought a college would be like but that's not always a bad thing. When I saw movies and different things on college that was my lasting impression on how college would be but I was definitely in for a big surprise when I got to RMU. I actually like how RMU is different and not a huge college. I like it just the way it is.

One thing that is different to me is how small the classes are. I have one class that only has 6 people in it. When I first thought of college I thought that we would have the big lecture halls with like one hundred or more people in it. When I saw that I had a lecture class I was worried about having that huge class, but when I walked in there was at least 25 or less students in there which was really cool.

Another thing that's different is that RMU is all in the same building. I was definitely getting used to the idea of going to different campuses and possibly getting lost. When I found out that RMU was in the same building I was kind of confused because I had never seen a campus that was only 8 floors. When I finally saw the campus I was kind of disappointed because it was small and wasn't what I had thought, but over time I got accustomed to the feeling of being in a smaller area, and not getting as lost as I would have before.

One thing that I really do like is my track team. I really like track and that's really the best thing about my day. If I had the chance to just do track all day or if track was offered as a class I would definitely do it. I think that I have the best coach ever, and she knows what she's talking about..FINALLY!! I don't mean that in a bad way but a lot of my other coaches didn't actually look into what I was doing wrong and try to correct it, but she takes time to help us so we can get better!

The only thing that I don't like is that I am not living in a dorm. I honestly can't wait till I move into a dorm. I kind of just want to do things on my own for a change. Don't get me wrong, I love living at home and not having to pay anything, but I'm kind of getting tired of it and want to move on. I kind of want to prove that I can do things and live on my own.

Overall I love RMU, and it is a great school. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to go here.

XOXO Bware