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My biggest goal in life is to do the best that I can. I am proud that I have made it this far, and I plan on going even further.



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Previously on Real Life @ RMU


So I know Iím always talking about my track team and what I do, but itís only because I love it. This past weekend was the start of my first outdoor track meet of college. We went down to Ohio where my coach used to go to school; The University of Cincinnati.  This was a five to seven hour drive and it was very tiring.

So to go to Ohio I had to get up at 4 in the morning and get myself situated and make sure I was all packed. After I did all that I left with one of my teammates and we walked to where we catch the vans for practice right behind RMU. When it hit six we were ready to get on the road. I instantly fell asleep and somehow woke up when we were in Indiana. Downtown Indiana looks just like downtown Chicago which is why I was confused at first about where I was.

After I looked around I fell back asleep and woke up when we had a break. When we had our break I knew we were close. Once we got to Ohio we got some food then we went to the school. I must say that school is huge! It was a beautiful school, and something I wasnít used to. So while I was looking at the school I was told the hotel was within the school which was really cool to me.

So we put our stuff up and changed and got ready for practice. After practice we got something to eat and had a team bonding moment. After that we just hung out until it was time for lights out. Since I am a thrower I had to be at the buses at 8 because I started my first event at 9. I was extremely nervous but excited. I did ok for my first meet but I still could have done a lot better.

I ended up breaking the hammer record and the shot put record for our school, so I have three records under my belt. I plan on breaking my own records this weekend. Oh I canít forget, on the way home we got some amazing ice cream, never tasted anything like it. But overall I loved this trip and I plan to kick butt this week in Memphis.

Xoxo Bware  

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Life Without Track

Well as some of you may know, the womenís Track and Field season is over, unless you are going to nationals. I am not going to nationals this year, but Iím hoping Iíll be there next year. In order for me to get there Iím not going to be a lump on a log and just sit around all summer. Some friends and I are actually going to work out and condition over the summer. Iím actually excited about that because I canít wait to get into better shape and be better prepared for next season, next year. The fact that I have someone by my side while getting in shape makes everything easier. Now that I am off track, I am going to be way more focused on school and try to get a job and maybe even play another sport; but come January, Iím going to be better than ever and more than ready to make that trip down to nationals. 

Real Life @ RMU


Program: Surgical Technology Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL Campus: Chicago
RMU has been amazing!

My time here at RMU has been amazing, but also very challenging. As time progresses my classes get a little bit harder, more work is required, and the teachers expect more out of you. Quarters are also going by really fast. Just yesterday it was my first day in college, now Iím almost a year in of being a college student. I thought college would be a lot harder than it is at the moment, but maybe I shouldnít speak to soon.

I am in the surgical tech program and itís not the easiest of programs. I have been through a lot with this class to the point where I have wanted to give up. My number one motivation is my mom. She didnít pay all this money for me to just give up. She stresses a lot for me, but at least she knows that I am trying my best.

My next motivation is track. I canít give up if I want to still be on my track team. Without track I wouldnít even be at this school. Track motivates me to be a student athlete. Student athletes are people who do exceedingly in class as well as in their sports.

My last motivation is that my job helps people. Without surgical tech, a lot of people would be out of luck. Even though this is not my number one choice as a major, I still like the thought of helping people and working in a hospital.  Maybe after I spend some time doing this job I will learn to love it more.

Overall my time at RMU has been great. Itís a new experience for someone fresh out of high school. I hope I can say the same things when I graduate, which I canít wait for that to happen. The best advice I can give to a high school student is to just try your best. Thatís what I tell myself everyday when I have to wake up at 3 every morning.

Xoxo Bware