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My biggest goal in life is to do the best that I can. I am proud that I have made it this far, and I plan on going even further.



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Valentine's Day

Valentineís Day is almost here and all I can see is people freaking out. Valentineís Day is a day for the ladies and Sweetest Day is for the guys. So now ladies are trying to find a man so they could get stuff and be spoiled for a day. To be honest I donít see what the big deal is. This is my bf and I third Valentineís Day together and we never seem to make a big deal about it.  

I think V-day is about love and spending time with that special someone. Or taking you out and appreciating yourself for once. I just couldnít be one of those people who stress themselves out over one day, or people who just find a guy just for this day. Thatís just too much work for me and itís really not a big deal. When you find that special someone, every day that you are together should be Valentineís Day. 

Thatís exactly how I feel with my boyfriend so donít think Iím just making this up. I have nothing against the people who just look for that one guy, for that one day but maybe youíll find that one guy for a lifetime. Who knows, V-day could be a lucky day for you, a day that you will never forget. I say let it be a fun day. V-day should never be a serious day. 

I wish everybody a happy Valentineís Day and to have fun. Donít stress, remember it could be your lucky day. 

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Time to Shine

On Wednesday I will be leaving Chicago to go to Geneva Ohio. This will be my first time going here because this is my first time qualifying for Nationals. I know that I have stated this many times, but again I am on the Womenís Track and Field team and to most itís a surprise that we even have a team. But every year we make ourselves more known and this year we have added another athlete to the Nationals list at RMU.  I am very excited but nervous at the same time.

This is a big deal for me, my family, my coach, and my team. Itís a big deal for me because I have a chance to make a name for myself. I get to compete against the best and I love competition. Itís also a nice little road trip and get away from school to focus on track. I really need to focus while Iím down there as well. Itís really important for me to remember why I am there and what I came there to do.

This year at nationals I want this to be a trial run, just an experience for me. I know I have a lot of work to do so that next year when I qualify itíll be no joke and Iíll be there to win. With this being my first time I just want to go down there and represent RMU by doing the best that I can, and working my hardest. I need to prepare myself mentally and physically and not have any distractions. But I canít help to be excited. Wish me luck!

Real Life @ RMU


Program: Surgical Technology Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL Campus: Chicago

As we all know it is finals week, and I just want to wish everyone good luck. So far Iíve taken a Fitness final and I think that went pretty well. Our teacher makes the test right from the study guide so if you didnít study then you wonít really pass. This final exam was practically word for word from the final study guide and I had did it the night before. I know you shouldnít procrastinate but studying last night and the next morning made the answers fresh in my mind and it really helped a lot. 

The final that I have tomorrow is for my law class. He also makes the test pretty easy but he does it in a different way. He gives us the study guide two days before the test, but his study guides already have the answers on them. We are guaranteed good grades because we have the correct answers to study from. I think thatís the best type of study guide Iíve seen thus far. 

My other two classes I donít have finals so whatever we finished with that is our grade which is pretty cool. I tried really hard this quarter, but sometimes your hardest isnít good enough. For some reason teachers like to grade papers extra hard at the end of the quarter and that sucks the most. I really tried to get all Aís this quarter and I think I deserved it this quarter, but some teachers just arenít with the program. It sucks when you give it your all only to receive a high C or very low B. 

I canít wait for next quarter. Every quarter is a new quarter for you to start over fresh. Every quarter gives me another chance to bring my GPA up even further. Iím going to try even harder this quarter and bring out my best work.  Again I wish everyone happy studying and good luck on their finals.