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My biggest goal in life is to do the best that I can. I am proud that I have made it this far, and I plan on going even further.



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Time to Shine

On Wednesday I will be leaving Chicago to go to Geneva Ohio. This will be my first time going here because this is my first time qualifying for Nationals. I know that I have stated this many times, but again I am on the Womenís Track and Field team and to most itís a surprise that we even have a team. But every year we make ourselves more known and this year we have added another athlete to the Nationals list at RMU.  I am very excited but nervous at the same time.

This is a big deal for me, my family, my coach, and my team. Itís a big deal for me because I have a chance to make a name for myself. I get to compete against the best and I love competition. Itís also a nice little road trip and get away from school to focus on track. I really need to focus while Iím down there as well. Itís really important for me to remember why I am there and what I came there to do.

This year at nationals I want this to be a trial run, just an experience for me. I know I have a lot of work to do so that next year when I qualify itíll be no joke and Iíll be there to win. With this being my first time I just want to go down there and represent RMU by doing the best that I can, and working my hardest. I need to prepare myself mentally and physically and not have any distractions. But I canít help to be excited. Wish me luck!

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There are so many changes going on today in the world, but one scares me the most. What is going on with the weather lately? Itís scaring me because people are relating it to "the whole the world is going to end in 2012" thing. I know itís mostly in peopleís minds, but it does make you think a little bit more about things after people say things like that. I for one hope that this weather is in no relation and that is not true.

Besides the rumors this weather affects me in another way. I have a very weak immune system because I am always getting sick. A factor leading to that would be all of these weather changes. One day itís all nice and sunny then the next day itís raining and cold. Whose body is supposed to adjust to that?

I know my body does not like that type of weather and that is why I am always getting sick. I donít know about anybody else but I hate getting sick all the time. I am an athlete and being sick only hurts me and my team. I know that if I am extremely sick I need to rest so that I can come back even stronger but sometimes I just donít want to leave. I hate leaving something that I love but thatís where the weather comes in.

Overall I just wish this weather would stay consistent. Either itís going to be an early summer or continue to be spring. Donít jump to winter when itís June. I just donít want to keep getting sick and then having to miss out on either school or track, or both. Hopefully after this week we get good weather that stays.

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Program: Surgical Technology Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL Campus: Chicago
What an experience

Two weeks ago I was honored in taking part of a great event. As I said in my last blog I went to Geneva, Ohio for Nationals. For me that was my first but not last experience of a lifetime. I got to meet other excellent athletes as well as compete against them. I got to learn more about my coaches and my other teammate as well. It was just an overall great experience, but not everything went as planned.  

I went there with a positive attitude in mind. I wasnít expecting to win because I still had a lot of work to do, but I planned to prove people wrong. I was the underdog at nationals. It was my first time at Nationals so it was understandable, but I am my biggest critic. I wanted to show that I belonged. 

Unfortunately that was not the case. In my opinion I proved everyone right. I did horrible and the funny thing is that we practiced the day before and everything went as planned. I got used to the ring and that was the idea of the day. But on game day I think I was more nervous than expected. 

I think I was thinking a little bit too hard while I was in the ring. I wanted to do so well that I was hurting myself mentally. The purpose was to have fun but my mind wasnít there. I think that me messing up at nationals was my own fault and I should have relaxed. 

When I was finished I got 1 out of 3 throws in and it was my worst. I walked off the field in tears. I wasnít mad about not placing or making finals but more of letting myself down, my family, and my coach. I had worked so hard to get there and then I go there and mess up.  But I had support from all those people I thought I had let down. 

Everyone was so proud of me and they cheered me up. I felt much better since I knew I had everyoneís support. But going to nationals was a stepping stone and another lesson for me. But now itís time for me to learn from my mistakes because outdoor season starts on Friday, and my goal is Nationals. I canít wait to represent RMU once again. Wish me luck.