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I'm a Morris Graduate School of Management student, pursing my MBA with a concentration in Management and Human Resources. I am also a full-time paralegal specializing in unemployment law. When I'm not working or studying, I'm watching Hockey or Baseball or attending concerts.

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We're havin' a heat wave!!

A heat wave has finally settled over the city.  Chicagoans have emerged from their dark caves and are enjoying the sun. It's time to tan the pale skin hidden under layers of clothes due to the long winter. Along with the warm weather, summer brings to Chicago many fests and outdoor events. There is the Blues Fest, Gospel Fest, Jazz Fest, movies in Grant Park, and of course Taste of Chicago. The nice thing about these events is that the majority of them are free.   

One free event in particular that I enjoy is the free concerts at Millennium Park. Concerts take place at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion, also known as the "Metal Flower." If you arrive early you can find a seat in the pavilion or grab a spot on the lawn.  If you run out of room on the lawns there is always room underneath the surrounding trees.  On Mondays, they have a series called "Downtown Sound: New Music Monday," which features emerging artists.  This past Monday, June 6, 2011, Iron and Wine headlined the night.  They are best known for their song called "Flightless Bird/American Mouth," which was featured in the movie "Twilight" during Bella and Edward's slow dance in the gazebo. If rock/alternative/folk music isn't your forte there are other genres of music throughout the summer series.  Thursdays evenings feature world class Jazz, and other nights feature classical ensembles, and world music.  It's an enjoyable experience listening to good music, hanging with family or friends, with the city skyline as your backdrop.

And lastly, on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, Lollapalooza released the concert schedule for each individual day. Also single ticket purchases went on sale, so if you don't want to attend all three days you can choose which day is the best (see link for list of bands).  The fest opens August 5, 2011 with headliners Muse and Coldplay.  Saturday's headliner is Eminem.   And on Sunday the Foo Fighters close out the event.  Cheers!


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Summerfest in Milwaukee!

As the last two weeks of the first summer session at RMU are winding down, the Fourth of July holiday makes its presence in week 10.

Parts of my Fourth of July plans were to attend Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.  Summerfest is an 11 day event and is considered the "World's Largest Music Event," which has been certified by the Guinness World Records. The event is situated on Milwaukee's lakefront at the Henry Maier Festival Park.  Summerfest brings over 700 music acts from all types of music genres.  This year some of the headliners include Kayne West, Toby Keith, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, and Britney Spears.  You can either drive to Summerfest or take the Amtrak.  Amtrak is probably easier and avoids the headache of driving through construction.

I went to Summerfest on Friday, July 1st after work and took the Amtrak, which was an hour and 30-minute ride with a five-minute cab ride to the festival grounds. The sun was out which was lacking in Chicago and the humidity was high. It was a perfect summer day for outdoor music and food.  When I arrived at 5 PM, the grounds were filled with happy and excited fest goers. The air smelled of barbeque food cooking on large grills. Kids ate Lemon Chills to cool down while others drank large cups of homemade lemonade.  Girls were dressed in their short shorts and cowboy boots while the men were dressed in their cowboy hats and cut off t-shirts.

Friday night Toby Keith was the main act at the Marcus Amphitheater.  At the smaller stages Los Lobos, Third Eye Blind (yes, they are still around), Girl Talk, and Anberlin were the headliners.  The smaller stages can hold about a few hundred people at a time. I crammed in to the packed area to see Third Eye Blind who took the stage at 10:15 pm and played their major hits like "Semi-Charmed Life," "Graduate," "Losing a Whole Year," and "Jumper." Third Eye Blind made the whole crowd jump and sing out loud. It was a fun night and a great hot summer day to be outside enjoying Summerfest.


Real Life @ RMU


Program: Master of Business Administration Hometown: Chicago, IL Campus: Chicago
Graduation Time!

This past week the halls at RMU were filled with students holding clear bags filled with caps and gowns for graduation.  I saw the anxious yet excited looks on their faces as they clutched their bags.  Some of the graduates were former classmates of mine and we stopped in the hall to talk about their happiness to have finished the program and also the feeling of uncertainty regarding their future. The current economic condition hasn't provided much reassurance for these graduates.  Jobs are on the slow progression but not enough to sustain a solid recovery.  Despite that, graduates should be reassured that they are leaving RMU with more knowledge, experience, and wisdom, which will aide them on their future journeys. 

The knowledge, experience, and wisdom acquired stems from the diverse faculty at RMU. One of the very first lessons I learned at RMU was from Dr. Bob (Dr.Robert Castaneda), who taught the BUS 500 and 501 classes.  He instructed us that whatever career we pursued that we should obtain certification to stand out from the rest and to also always keep learning and make yourself current to stay competitive.  Dr. Meier, who taught our MGT 545 Leadership class, enforced in us to read the Wall Street Journal daily, to keep us informed about the current industries. Also, reading the Journal would prepare us to answer any question during job interviews.  As a result, I currently have a subscription and it has allowed me to gain favor with my current employer during discussions.  Then there is Mr. Wayne Gru, who has taught some of the MGT 505 and 550 classes and offered insightful perspectives on the challenges managers face in organizations.  He has also offered his support to any questions we may have regarding our current positions and the obstacles we are facing. Mr.Gru, also reminds us that we can contact him any time even after completion of our classes for advice.  Graduates can take these lessons and advice and apply them to their careers. 

I wanted congratulate the class of 2011 on all their hard work.  I also wanted reassure them that they are leaving RMU with a plethora of resources to be successful in their endeavors. Cheers!