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I'm a Morris Graduate School of Management student, pursing my MBA with a concentration in Management and Human Resources. I am also a full-time paralegal specializing in unemployment law. When I'm not working or studying, I'm watching Hockey or Baseball or attending concerts.

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Summerfest in Milwaukee!

As the last two weeks of the first summer session at RMU are winding down, the Fourth of July holiday makes its presence in week 10.

Parts of my Fourth of July plans were to attend Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.  Summerfest is an 11 day event and is considered the "World's Largest Music Event," which has been certified by the Guinness World Records. The event is situated on Milwaukee's lakefront at the Henry Maier Festival Park.  Summerfest brings over 700 music acts from all types of music genres.  This year some of the headliners include Kayne West, Toby Keith, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, and Britney Spears.  You can either drive to Summerfest or take the Amtrak.  Amtrak is probably easier and avoids the headache of driving through construction.

I went to Summerfest on Friday, July 1st after work and took the Amtrak, which was an hour and 30-minute ride with a five-minute cab ride to the festival grounds. The sun was out which was lacking in Chicago and the humidity was high. It was a perfect summer day for outdoor music and food.  When I arrived at 5 PM, the grounds were filled with happy and excited fest goers. The air smelled of barbeque food cooking on large grills. Kids ate Lemon Chills to cool down while others drank large cups of homemade lemonade.  Girls were dressed in their short shorts and cowboy boots while the men were dressed in their cowboy hats and cut off t-shirts.

Friday night Toby Keith was the main act at the Marcus Amphitheater.  At the smaller stages Los Lobos, Third Eye Blind (yes, they are still around), Girl Talk, and Anberlin were the headliners.  The smaller stages can hold about a few hundred people at a time. I crammed in to the packed area to see Third Eye Blind who took the stage at 10:15 pm and played their major hits like "Semi-Charmed Life," "Graduate," "Losing a Whole Year," and "Jumper." Third Eye Blind made the whole crowd jump and sing out loud. It was a fun night and a great hot summer day to be outside enjoying Summerfest.


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Busy, Busy, Busy

Second week of summer session two proves to be hectic and crazy.  Not much going on in the social area just busy with work and school. 

Finance 520 is kicking my butt!  Oh yea, quite literally kicking my butt. The problem is I forgot most of the Math skills I learned many, many years ago in High School and College (yes, I am dating myself).   As a Liberal Arts & Science Major, I stood away from all types of math in college.  They even had a special math class for students pursuing non-science or business fields.  And of course yours truly took that class and passed with a B.  However, there should be a disclaimer going into college about Math.  Itís your best friend and worse nightmare. And yes, you will need these concepts down the road.  I know we have all asked that question "Why do I need this stuff anyway?"  Well, because one day you may change your career and need to work with equations.  This revelation comes late because now I have to refresh my math skills to learn Finance 520 and the rest of my MBA classes. 

Work has started to become crazy busy. I am working with more cases and have approximately four to five hearings a day.  I am also picking up more clients at work for a colleague who is going on a leave of absence.  Thinking about this has me stressed out. I am somewhat new to this employer and have the pressure of still proving my worth.  

So the next few weeks should prove to be interesting to see how I manage all these things without losing my sanity. 

There is a silver lining in this cloud.  Lollapalooza is finally here! I am really looking forward to see Muse on Friday with the other thousands of concert goers.  In the words of Muse "We Will Be Victorious!"


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Program: Master of Business Administration Hometown: Chicago, IL Campus: Chicago
Summer Vacation

Before summer session two begins, RMU has a week off for summer vacation. It was my goal to cram as many fun activities and things I missed out on during school in one week.  Well I gave myself a week and a half to do all these things. 

My vacation started with the U2 concert at Soldier Field.  This was the second leg of their 360 Tour, which was postponed due to the lead singer, Bono's back injury.  Amazing, awesome, and spectacular show describe the awesomeness that is U2.  They played a lot of their hits from the 90's to mark the 20th anniversary of their "Achtung Baby" CD. Bono truly epitomizes the definition of a rock star. Anyone who likes U2 must experience a live concert once in his or her lifetime.

Part of U2's humanitarian efforts is the creation of the ONE organization, which helps to fight poverty, relieve debt in third world countries, and fight hunger and HIV/AIDS.  I have been a member for about a year and decided to attend an Advocacy training session.  As an advocate for ONE, you communicate with politicians to provide global funding for programs that provide HIV/AIDS medication, teach agriculture, and provide care to children.  Next step as an advocate is to inform school and church communities to promote awareness.   If anyone would like to learn more about the organization you can visit,

Tuesday, I enjoyed Jazz at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of the jazz on the terrace sessions.  Admission into the museum is free as well as to listen to the music. The museum provided food and drinks upon purchase.  On this Tuesday, all walks of life enjoyed this night out. Families had picnics on the lawn area.  Other guests reserved tables and dined from the buffet provided by Puck's restaurant, while true jazz enthusiasts stood and sang to the familiar tunes. Jazz Tuesdays lasts until September and the website below provides more information 

Lastly, my summer vacation wrapped up with the 4th annual Chicago Blackhawks Convention at the Chicago Hilton. The convention had many sponsors including Robert Morris University. I now have a pen/ hand sanitizer from RMU as part of the convention perks.  The convention was filled with three days of hundreds of hockey fans.  The hotel was converted into a Chicago Blackhawks hotel right down to the elevators playing "Chelsea Dagger," (the song played during goal scores).  Each convention ballroom was crowded with fans that listened to their favorite players talk about hockey. If you were lucky enough to arrive early or book a room at the hotel then you could stand in line and get autographs from your favorite players.  I originally wanted to see Patrick Sharp, a forward on the team, but due to his popularity, I wasn't able to obtain a wristband. I did however, get to see him during a few clinics and hear him talk about his love for hockey.  Now, I am so ready for hockey season and can't wait until September. 

All in all I accomplished my goal of doing as many things possible in one week that I may need a summer vacation from my summer vacation.  Summer two session begins on Monday, and it's time to get back to the books.  I'm looking forward to my I-Center class but I'm nervous about my FIN 520 classes; it seems to have a lot of math and math is not my friend.  Good luck with classes everyone!