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I'm a Morris Graduate School of Management student, pursing my MBA with a concentration in Management and Human Resources. I am also a full-time paralegal specializing in unemployment law. When I'm not working or studying, I'm watching Hockey or Baseball or attending concerts.

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Finals Week and a Recap

So finals are here and the Spring quarter is over! The summer sessions starts rather soon so no rest for the weary. I counted the weeks left of school and there are 20 weeks until I finish my program. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Iím sure those 2o weeks will be here before I know it.

Right now the NHL, hockey playoffs have started. Itís been an exciting playoff season thus far. Some of the major teams in the NHL have been knocked out early in the playoffs which are a big surprise or upset this year. Teams like the Philadelphia flyers, knocked out the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators, (who are a newer franchise) knocked out the legendary Detroit Red Wings, (which I am secretly glad that they are gone because they are Chicagoís major rival). The Vancouver Canucks were knocked out by the LA Kings last night in an overtime win (another team I am glad to see gone). Meanwhile, Chicago, Blackhawks are fighting to stay alive against another newer franchise the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes and Hawks matchup has broken playoff records, with the n umber of consecutive games that have gone into overtime! I went to one playoff game for the Hawks and Coyote Series and there is nothing like the excitement playoffs bring to the crowd. It was a great time despite the outcome (yes, Hawks lost in overtime).

Other than the NHL, we have the MLB starting their season. So far the White Sox are doing well with their new GM Robin Ventura (a former White Sox, whom I grew up watching) and well Cubs, not doing so well this season (new year same results for those Cubbies). Maybe next year! The Chicago Bulls have made the playoffs (who could doubt that one)! Derek Rose and the boys are having a great year!

Morris Women (not to be confused with the UWC group) had their panel discussion on April 11th. We had a good turn out with students, RMU faculty, and staff. It went well for a first event and now we are planning for our second one!

Good luck on finals everyone!

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NATO Summit

This weekend, Chicago played host to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meetings, where members of the 28 countries gather and talk about topics affecting the world. Topics included global warming, tensions between countries, and Afghanistan and the U.S. As students of RMU know, classes were canceled and the building was closed in preparation of the events. Chicago is only the second U.S. city to host NATO after Washington D.C. The city expected that protesters from all over the country and the world would gather in Chicago and protest NATO.

The summit was held at McCormick place, Chicagoís huge convention center. In preparation for the summit, Chicago closed down sections of the highways around McCormick Place, Metra stations, and most major museums and landmarks. Closures started Friday night into Saturday morning. However, the city was preparing for protests to begin on Friday. Downtown Chicago, near State street was a ghost town. What is usually a bustling night filled with people enjoying the start of the weekend, not a soul was out! It was weird to see Chicago so desolate, but demonstrates that Chicagoans were taking this situation seriously.

Chicago, will find out several days after the NATO summit how well we hosted the event. Chicago Police have to be commended for being in full force and dealing with the taunts and antics of the protesters. Every resource of security was pulled for this event and lined to protect the delegates and the city from protests becoming out of control.

Whether you agree or disagree with NATO, this summit was a history event for Chicago and brought the city to the world stage.

In other newsÖChicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs had their Cross Town Classic where both teams play against each other for the BP cup. This time around the Chicago White Sox swept the Cubs in all three games.


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Bark in the Park!
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This weekend was a busy weekend in Chicago. We had the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the anniversary of the Polish Constitution. The moon was also closer to the earth resulting in a "Super Moon", (which if you looked out Saturday night, it looked like the usual size, so Iím not sure what was so super about that). Also this weekend, The Anti Cruelty Society hosted their annual 5k walk fundraiser called "Bark in the Park". The fundraiser provides monies to keep The Anti Cruelty Society in operation, which provides shelter and low cost treatments for all types of animals. My family and I walked with our doggies (Acee-boy and a friendís dog Ozzie) along Montrose Harbor for 3 miles (5k). Despite the weather being dreary and a bit cold, there was a huge turnout of participants. I enjoyed participating in this walk because you can see all the different breeds of dogs. The dogs range from huge Great Danes to small Chihuahuas strolling along with their owners and curious about their other four legged participants. At the end of the walk both dogs and owners can rejuvenate with snacks and water.  Vendors of various pet services have booths that offer free items and sample treats for your pets. You could also have your petís nails manicured by the Pet Smart. It was a fun day to spend time with your pets and family members to raise money for a good cause.