Shravan Kooragayalu is a medical doctor working at Stroger Hospital in Chicago.  He is a lung specialist and is anticipating a career that will eventually include serving people in his native India. He is also a graduate student at Morris Graduate School of Management.

Shravan got to a point in his medical studies where he realized he needed to expand his knowledge to include the management and leadership components of the medical profession. “There is so much that goes into the administration of a clinic or a hospital.  When the administration is efficient, we can serve patients much better,” he explained.

So, in order to accomplish this goal, he enrolled in RMU’s graduate program and completed a Master of Management degree with a concentration in Healthcare Management  – all while working on his fellowship at Stroger.  Then, once he completed his first master’s, he went on to obtain an MBA.

He found the community at RMU to be welcoming, the program challenging, and even came to enjoy the group projects that are significant in the capstone classes. “My fellow teammates made a point of using the library for research and meetings as we progressed through the projects,” he said. “We still find the time to work together and share ideas.”

Shravan will be RMU’s student speaker at graduation in April. RMU is proud of his accomplishments and honored to have him as a student.

To learn more about Shravan’s story check out the video below: