Robert Morris University students and alumni shared their college and career experiences as an integral part of this year’s University Day.  After an address by President Mablene Krueger, 18 students and alums participated in a symposium of several sessions during which they told of their personal personal paths to achieve individual goals.

Alumni spoke of their current careers and the encouragement, challenges and milestones they encountered along the way.  Students – most on the verge of graduation – explained how faculty, coaches, staff and advisors made a difference in their college experience.

RMU teachers and administrators were inspired by each story.  “You have given us such wonderful motivation to continue our work here at RMU with more enthusiasm and energy,” said Jennifer Muryn to the speakers after a session.  The symposium recognized the efforts of both students and educators in their academic careers and provided opportunities to share outcomes and successes at RMU.

Congratulations to our students and alums!  Many thanks to all facilitators and organizers.  Go RMU!