Full time employees at Harper College in Palatine have the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Robert Morris University Illinois (RMU), through a new scholarship program.  A Corporate Educational Partnership Agreement between the two institutions provides a 20% discount for undergraduate and graduate tuition for full-time students.

Harper employees who attend as part-time students at RMU will also receive discounts on tuition at both the undergraduate or graduate level.

Robert Morris University offers a master’s degree in Management in Higher Education Administration.  This program is of particular interest to individuals employed by colleges and universities. Two Harper College employees will receive a $1500 per class scholarship for up to 15 classes, provided they begin the program by the September 24, 2018, start.  RMU will also evaluate prior college credit for transferability and possible credit for work experience in undergraduate programs.  (Harper employees may take classes at any RMU campus that offers the classes in their program.)

“As a result of this beneficial partnership with RMU, several Harper College employees have been able to realize their educational aspirations and advance their careers,” said Harper College Chief Human Resources Officer Roger Spayer.  “Harper values professional development and growth, and the RMU program provides a great opportunity to pursue an advanced degree from a reputable institution at a discounted cost.”

Nicole Cafillio, executive vice president at RMU helped to coordinate the agreement with Harper. “We have always welcomed Harper transfer students at RMU. Offering this tuition scholarship to Harper so that employees may complete or continue their degrees is an added benefit of the partnership with Robert Morris,” she said. “Experiential learning is a keystone of our programs. Harper employees will be able to apply the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to their work at the College.  Playing a significant role in helping to advance the careers of these individuals reaffirms our partnership and close cooperation with Harper.”

The terms and conditions of the program are confirmed in a signed partnership agreement between the two schools.  Information and applications are available through the Harper College Department of Human Resources.