The Chicago Taiwanese Cuisine and Culture Association and Robert Morris University Illinois (RMU) are currently taking applications from student chefs for the first annual student cold cooking competition held at RMU’s Chicago campus on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

The competition will include teams from RMU, culinary students from local schools and from Taiwan. Approximately 90 students in total are expected. Currently, 30 students have registered from Taiwan and they are either students or alumni from one of five Taiwanese universities: The National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, The Kun Shan University, The Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, The Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and The Cheng Shiu University.

The application deadline for participation is August 15. The competition registration is free, but spaces are limited, and participants are responsible for their own dish and travel costs. Interested students should email Chef Brad Hindsley,, to begin the application process.

For the competition, teams will prepare a three-course meal offsite, then transport the entry to RMU. Once in the University’s culinary kitchens, they will have one hour to plate and display their food for the judges’ review.

While the dishes are being judged during the competition, students will get to experience a live cooking demonstration from Taiwanese chefs and will sample some traditional Taiwanese dishes.

Although this is a team competition, students will also be judged individually on their respective dish made for their team. As a Grand Prize, the single student who scores the highest points will win a trip and tour of Taiwan, sponsored by the Chicago Taiwanese Cuisine and Culture Association.

The event will feature the timed food preparation, the award ceremony and a gala dinner which will be prepared by these talented Taiwanese students and school professionals. The goals of this competition are to support these young dreamers from Taiwan, promote international cooperation and Taiwanese culinary arts, and to encourage creativity by challenging students to fulfill their dreams.

In order to support the event, gala dinner tickets are available for purchase. Donor sponsorship opportunities are welcome and will also help fund the program. For further information, contact Chef Hindsley at 312-935-5460 or at, or Meilie Tsai, president of the Chicago Taiwanese Cuisine and Culture Association, 630-672-0499,