If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, it is time to get moving and we are here to help. We asked some of our Eagles for the best gift ideas for college students and here is what they said:


I think the best gift for a college student is gift cards for food. As students, we usually struggle with money and no one wants to eat Ramen Noodles every day. College apparel is also a good option because a student can never rep their school too hard!


The best gift we could receive would be gift cards for food because every college kid knows what it’s like to be on a top Ramen diet. (We’re seeing a trend here)


All college students could use gift cards to help with supplies needed for classes.  We would also appreciate tuition donations.

Samantha B.

We’d just like cash to help pay for tuition and books.

Samantha S.

The best gift for anyone at RMU is fuzzy socks or mittens/gloves.  The small walk or wait for the train can be the worst, especially when it’s cold!  We also like gift cards for any place that sells coffee.


A good gift for an RMU student would be a heavy jacket or apparel.  It gets pretty chilly during the holidays and it’s always nice to have a set of heavy jackets for this time of year.


We want gift cards for food because food is expensive in the city.


The best gift for a college student is a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.  Those cups add up after a while.


I received a Pranomat ECO last year and I am in love with it.  This mat has the ability to help with stress and back pain.  This is especially good for our students since so many of us are athletes. 

Still need ideas?  Visit our campus store in person or online at ShopRMUEagles.com.

Happy Holidays!