At a gathering in its State Street Gallery in downtown Chicago, Robert Morris University Illinois (RMU) and the Institute for Clinical Social Work (ICSW) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is designed to create a mutually beneficial degree pathway for students earning degrees in psychology and advanced study in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Through this partnership, RMU Baccalaureate in Psychology students will simultaneously enter the ICSW Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy program. Known as the Robert Morris University, Institute for Clinical Social Work Scholars Program, this post-graduate dual degree program of study will build upon RMU’s psychology degree undergraduate foundation, allowing students to save time and tuition dollars toward completing  a master’s degree with  eligibility to become a Licensed  Professional  Counselor (LPC).

RMU students enter the program as juniors with an associate degree, complete their bachelor’s degree in psychology and then transition to the graduate program at ICSW. They will receive an ICSW Scholarship and tuition will be fixed for the duration of their studies at ICSW.

“This partnership allows for a convenient, direct path to an advanced degree in social work for our psychology students,” said RMU President Mablene Krueger. “We have shared the building at 401 S. State with ICSW for several years. Completing the connection through our students’ post graduate work is a perfect example of fulfilling the need to make higher education more accessible to more students in the Chicago area.”

ICSW President Allan Hoffman observed that the program will help to address the growing need for an increased emphasis on mental health.  “The RMU/ICSW Scholars program brings together the energy of a vibrant community of scholars and innovators and focuses on helping students succeed. This partnership fulfills a local, Chicago, state and national need for mental health professionals. Students benefit and so does our community.”

“I’ve always held the relationship our University has had with ICSW in high regard,” continued President Krueger.  “We have been great neighbors and now we will continue as partners in education. We are expanding our mutual paths for students with the desire to serve others in the noble field of social work.”

The Scholars Program will take effect immediately, enabling current students to begin with advanced studies during the next quarter, which begins in July.

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The Institute for Clinical Social Work Focuses on Psychodynamic Graduate Studies.

Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), we offer a Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work and a Master’s in Clinical Counseling & Psychotherapy. Our clinically based programs offer a contemporary psychodynamic perspective, meaning equal attention is placed on conscious and unconscious motivations that create barriers to living a richer fuller life. This allows the psychotherapist to assist clients in exploring underlying issues that may be causing difficulties in their lives and not just focusing on symptom reduction.