Monique Parks is an RMU nursing student and part time student worker. To say that her schedule is a full one is an understatement.  Her classes, clinicals and work keep her very busy.

Last week, she was coming to campus on the Blue Line to begin a shift in the RMU Bookstore. As she was riding, she started to notice a commotion at the end of the car.  A woman was loudly talking to her companion, asking him to wake up.

Soon, all passengers on the el car were aware that a man was in trouble.  The woman could see that he wasn’t breathing.  As the man slumped to the floor, she called out, asking if anyone knew CPR.  Monique had completed her CPR certification in Dr. J’s class as part of her nursing program.  She suddenly realized she had an opportunity to help.

Moving into action as others called 911, Monique began chest compressions on the fallen individual and continued until the paramedics arrived on the train at a subsequent stop.  They took over and from what she could tell, the man was breathing again.

“I was really nervous about jumping in and doing CPR, but then I realized, this is what I’m trained to do!” she said.  Monique shared her story with her class and instructor and the story soon spread throughout the Chicago campus.

Monique Park, we are proud to have you as an RMU nursing student – another Eagle who is destined to soar!


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