Psychology is the scientific field of study that focuses on thought patterns and human behavior. It is also one of the most popular college majors in the world. The reason for this popularity is mainly two-fold: it gives students an opportunity to understand themselves and the people around them better, and it opens up a number of lucrative career paths. If you are reading this article, you are likely interested in pursuing a degree in psychology and would like to know more about what that entails. Here are the main benefits you can expect by earning a degree in psychology:

1. Attractive Career Opportunities

An education in psychology opens up numerous career paths, some less obvious than others. You could use your newfound insights into human behavior and thinking to become a writer, teacher, or employment counselor. However, the degree also opens up more traditional and highly sought-after positions in the mental health, business, and human resource industries. You can also opt to continue your education with additional undergraduate or graduate degrees. At Robert Morris, for example, we offer our psychology students opportunities to expand their knowledge base and skill set in law enforcement administration, organizational communication and leadership, business administration, information systems, and much more.

2. Develop Research and Analytical Skills

While psychology does place a heavy focus on understanding the emotional composition of human behavior, it seeks to strike a balance by studying and analyzing large amounts of data. Breakthroughs in psychology and our understanding of human behavior are achieved through studies and quantitative data analysis. This is why our curriculum is designed to equip you with the tools you’ll need to gather, understand, and classify information. You will learn to think critically and use analytical reasoning to interpret information in a large number of fields—not just psychology. Plus, the quantitative analysis skill set that you develop through studying psychology will be applicable in advertising, marketing, research, administration, education and many other fields.

3. Gain a Deeper Insight into Human Nature

In life, we’re often left wondering why people behave in certain ways. Perhaps even more often, we ask questions about our own behavior. By studying psychology, you will gain invaluable insights into human nature that will help you both professionally and on a personal level. You will also have a head start when it comes to numerous fields because almost all aspects of social and professional life require an understanding of human behavior.

4. Learn Skills that Can Improve Your Life Overall

From understanding your own mental health to picking up on social cues and the underlying motivations of others, psychology can have a positive impact on your life. You will learn how to communicate more clearly by understanding non-verbal signals, and you will improve your listening and questioning skills. You will also learn effective techniques for resolving conflict, which is one of the main sources of distress for many people. From forging new relationships to advancing in your career, psychology equips you with the skills needed to lead a fulfilling life.

Interested in Pursuing a Psychology Degree in Chicago or the Surrounding Suburbs?

A psychology major is one of the most well-rounded education programs when it comes to developing your personal and professional life. If you are interested in social dynamics, human behavior, and relationships, psychology is the ideal field for you. At Robert Morris University, we aim to prepare our students with all the theoretical and practical knowledge they will need to start their careers in a wide variety of industries, from psychological and psychiatric practice to marketing and human resources. For more information about our program, contact us today.