Becoming an accountant requires several years of education, but you have plenty of options at your disposal. You can go with a short one-year course that will gain you access to entry-level jobs in the accounting field, or you can go with an MBA that will open up potential CFO positions. However, how do you pick the best option for your degree, and how can you find the best school in Chicago that will help you get that degree?

An overview of the accounting profession

Accounting is the organizational operation that measures, processes, and communicates the financial information of a company. “The language of business” can be divided into several fields of study/activity, including tax accounting, auditing, management accounting, and financial accounting among others.

Your career path will be determined by several factors, including the degree and major you choose to pursue. For a CPA (certified public accountant) accreditation, you will need at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree program and 150 credit hours, along with a specialized exam upon graduation. You can split this education into two segments, one being the Associate’s degree for 60 credit hours and the other being the Bachelor’s itself, which will subtract the credit hours you earn during the Associate’s studies out of the overall 150 credit-hour requirement.

Finding the best accounting school in Chicago

Picking the right school will ensure that you have an excellent learning experience during your studies and that you will be able to find employment more easily and at a higher starting salary. For example, if you pick a school that is in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago, you already have a head start because you will have access to more networking, internship, and employment opportunities right off the bat.

You also want to find a school that offers several variations of their programs so that you can go through the coursework at your own pace. For example, if you are currently employed as an accountant based on a certificate and would like to earn a CPA, you could earn your degree part-time while you are still employed. Likewise, if you’d like to earn your degree faster and hit the job market early, you can take advantage of an accelerated learning program.

Finally, a good accounting school will place an emphasis on both theoretical study and practical application. Most companies today would like to have a short onboarding process, where the candidate either has several years of on-the-job experience or has at least undergone an internship program that has prepared him for the demands of the position. A good university will mix in internship opportunities and various programs that simulate the experience of being an accountant in order to increase the attractiveness of their graduates in the job market.

Attending an accounting school in Chicago

If you are currently trying to find the best accounting school in Chicago, we recommend giving Robert Morris University a look. Our courses are designed to go above and beyond and provide you with the education you need in order to earn your accreditation as a CPA. We also offer dual-degree and accelerated learning programs where you can complete both your Undergraduate Accounting Degree and your Master’s in Accounting Degree at the same time. This will reduce the time it takes to earn both degrees from 7 years to just 4.5 years. The coursework will also prepare you for several certification exams so that you can take them immediately after graduating. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.