By earning a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, you open up many career paths. While it is true that you need a Master’s degree or higher in order to practice as a psychologist, there are numerous entry-level jobs that can make great use of the skills and theory you learn while pursuing your Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Skills such as statistical analysis and various theoretical fields of psychology, along with the insights into human nature and social interaction, can be gained via coursework and make you a very attractive candidate. In this article, we’re going to cover a few of the common career paths for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Advertising Professional

Careers in the field of advertising famously rely on knowledge of psychology. As an advertising professional, you are tasked with developing persuasive ads, researching segments of the population, and creating targeted messaging. All these skills are acquired during your Bachelor’s coursework, with researching, statistics, and the science of persuasion being major topics during your studies.

Career counselor

As a career counselor, you will help individuals determine their best career path going forward. Your duties will involve assisting people in their self-assessments, helping them find careers or make career changes, and participating in vocational rehabilitation. Many people find this job to be very fulfilling, and psychology graduates are uniquely positioned because the career path a person chooses is often deeply personal and making the right choice requires self-discovery.

Case manager

Also known as social/human service assistants, case managers help people by providing them with counselling and advice when they are in a difficult situation. As a case manager, you will help with the development of recovery and treatment plans, monitor the progress of your clients, and help them identify service providers. The nature of the job requires critical thinking and an understanding of human behavior, which makes psychology majors uniquely qualified for the position.

Laboratory assistant

If you are interested in experimental psychology, this is the right starting point for you. As a laboratory assistant, you will be heavily involved in the research process of experimental psychology, and you will find work in nearly all sectors of the economy, including in universities, government agencies, and the private sector.

Market researcher

This is another job for graduates who prefer the “numbers” side of psychology. Market research requires a solid understanding of scientific methodologies and statistical analysis—both being subjects that are thoroughly studied throughout the psychological coursework. Your tasks will include data collection and analysis, interviewing, and conducting opinion polls.

Psychiatric technician

While a Bachelor’s degree does not qualify you to work as a psychologist, it does open up positions in the fields of human services and mental health. These positions include jobs such as a psychiatric technician, social work assistant, and mental health technician.

Probation and parole officer

As a psychology major, you are also qualified for the field of criminal justice as probation and parole officers. POs will work and supervise convicted criminals, monitor their behavior, coordinate with other therapists and professionals involved in the rehabilitation process, and provide recommendations for the court.

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