By: Makayla Munoz

RMU now has this wonderful time from 11:30 to 12:20 for students. The engagement period started this previous summer quarter; many students, myself included, were confused at first. However, as time went on more students started utilizing and enjoying the engagement hour. I can now get lunch in between classes and refuel. Also, I can meet at a convenient time with The Eagle News staff; we meet every Tuesday at 11:30 on the first floor. If interested in becoming a part of the paper, please contact one of the emails at the end of this article.

I recently contacted Kayla Linsner, who is the mastermind and person in charge of the engagement hour, and asked her a few questions.

The first question I had was; “What is the sole purpose of the engagement hour?” Kayla replied, “The purpose of the Engagement and Support Period is for students to partake in different events, activities, and support services on campus that their schedules may not have allowed them to do so in the past.” So, if students have a club or specific activity they were interested in but it clashed with their schedule, they are now able to meet with that club and expand their horizons.

Another question I asked was; “What are you hoping students gain from the engagement hour?” Kayla responded, “I am hoping students take advantage of their Engagement and Support Period and use it to their benefit, whether that means visiting their advisor, seeing a tutor, visiting faculty support hours, attending a club/organization meeting, or engaging in additional events and activities we have to offer. We know our students have busy lives and this period allows our students to take care of what they need to and get involved on campus without extending their total time here.”

I then asked; “What type of activities are going on currently during the engagement hour?” Kayla gave a list of multiple opportunities. Below is a list of opportunities students can take advantage of during the Engagement and Support period:

Academic and Financial Aid Advising

Faculty Support Hours


Student Events (Career Fair, Get Involved Fair, etc.)

Clubs and Organizations Meetings and Events

Guest Speakers

Kayla also said, “We also currently have recurring weekly events such as a Tech Support Tuesday for students who have questions logging into their RMU platforms, Yoga on Wednesdays, and a Music Workshop on Thursdays. We also have additional daily events and activities offered that can be viewed on our Leading Edge page:”

Another question I asked was; “In the future what activities will be planned, or would you like to be planned during the engagement hour?” Kayla wrote, “I am creating a Student Activities Board for students to join, provide their input, and help create and promote activities and events they would like to see on campus. If you would like to join this board, you can do so on Leading Edge or email”

My final question was; “Will this engagement hour be affected in the future? Or will it remain?” Kayla replied, “The engagement hour will remain as we continue to see the benefits it has for our students’ growth and success.”

After getting these questions answered, I personally feel a lot better about the engagement hour and look forward to using it to benefit me. I hope that these answers can help give students clarity and even inspire them to partake in some of the engagement hour activities.

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