RMU Lake County COM 101 students discovered they had to take a different approach to their final last week.  Since the final chapter in their text was “Small Group Dynamics,” they had to use what they learned when taking their final exam.  After handing out the test, they were instructed that they could use their notes, powerpoints, textbook, computers, anything on Blackboard and work alone, with a partner or in groups.  The only requirement was that each student had to turn in his or her own test.

As soon as they started, some gathered with friends, looked for partners, or headed off to the computer center.  After about ten minutes, those who had left the classroom returned, and one student suggested to all the others that they figure out a way to work together.  They divided up the test, then came together to talk and share answers.

You might think that everyone turned in the same answers and they all received the same grade – not necessarily.  While everyone received grades in the 90s, one person received a perfect score.

When asked what skills they used during the exercise, students immediately responded with, “cooperation,” “organization,” ” leadership,” “trust,” “communication” “problem solving” – some of the exact principles of COM 101.