If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, it is time to get moving and we are here to help. We asked some of our Eagles for the best gift ideas for college students and here is what they said:

Jessica G., College of Nursing & Health Studies & Morris Grad School

I would love Starbucks gift cards because I couldn’t survive Nursing school without caffeine.

Luke F., Institute of Art & Design

The best gift for college students would be a nice planner.  It would help us stay organized.

Lav P., Institute of Technology and Media & Morris Grad School

I would just like scholarships and extra help with student loans!

Vinette R., College of Liberal Arts

I would like to have someone surprise me by paying off my student loans. That would be the best present I could ever receive.

Maddie L., College of Liberal Arts

I would love warm clothes.  I am from Dallas and I am not used to this Chicago winter weather.

Veronica D., Institute of Culinary Arts

A Target gift card would be a perfect gift for college students.  I’d use it to buy groceries and other necessities.

Ashley B., School of Business Administration

A great gift for college students would be cash! It would help with bills or we could use it to go out to lunch.

Still need ideas?  Visit our campus store in person or online at ShopRMUEagles.com.

Happy Holidays!