Studying business is an excellent choice when it comes to pursuing an undergraduate degree. You will learn a large set of skills that will be useful throughout your career in numerous industries. On top of that, you are much more likely to find employment as soon as you graduate if you earn a business degree. However, the quality of your degree and the appeal it presents to your future employer will depend on a variety of factors. Here are four key concepts that the best Chicago undergraduate business schools use to future-proof your degree:

1. A Global Understanding

In our modern world, globalization is inevitable, and businesses should adopt a global outlook in order to stay competitive. This means that their employees need the practical knowledge of cross-cultural collaboration and an understanding of how to adapt a business to new and exciting markets from around the world. A future-proofed degree will integrate this approach to business into its curriculum in various ways—from teaching the generalized concepts of international business, to focusing on specific markets (such as China) and their associated cultural and legislative requirements.

2. Practical Experience

Nowadays, many entry-level positions require work experience. A good business school will give you the opportunities to gain hands-on experience during your studies. This can mean anything from school projects that help you sharpen your teamwork skills, to real-world projects and internships with local businesses. These programs are designed to make you a much more valuable candidate and give you the opportunity to enter the job market as soon as you finish your studies. Hands-on experience is also invaluable for your personal development since it will shape the way you view the job marketplace and the working world.

3. Soft Skills

It is very important to have a solid theoretical foundation in business, but the rubber really meets the road in human interaction. This is where soft skills come into play. The ability to persuade your higher-ups or subordinates is as important as the ability to read a financial statement. A good business school will help you develop these skills, either through coursework or some of the aforementioned programs (i.e. internships or team projects).

4. Entrepreneurship

The world of business is evolving and changing more rapidly than ever, which is why an entrepreneurial attitude and skill set will serve you well in just about any circumstance. From digital marketing to new, disruptive technologies, it’s important that you are able to understand and integrate new concepts and practices on an ongoing basis to stay successful in your future career. Entrepreneurship is no longer a set of skills that are destined for people who brave the market at the helm of a new business. It is a requirement for managers and employees at almost every level of an organization. A future-proofing business school will develop the skills that can help you understand how to survive as the market and your organization evolves with the times.

Are You Interested in Earning a Business Degree at One of Chicago’s Best Undergraduate Business Schools?

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