Students who are drawn to the field of physiology and human performance have the option of majoring in exercise science. Being an exercise science major, you will have numerous career options at your disposal, and if you are an active person who enjoys physical activity and helping others improve themselves, you will love this discipline. So how can you make the most out of your time in university and ensure that you hit the ground running after you earn your master’s in human performance?

1. Consider Your Job Prospects and Further Educational Options

As an exercise science major, you have many secure and exciting job prospects at your disposal upon graduation. Depending on your degree, you can choose a career as a physical therapist assistant, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, recreation and sports director, among many others. You also have the option to further your studies and reach higher tiers of income in the process. Human performance is a very interesting field of study in that way. Graduates can choose a safe and steady career path, or they could use their degree and combine it with entrepreneurship endeavors to build a consulting business that targets professional athletes, for example. Students who have a true passion for the field have a number of potential avenues to excel in their future careers.

2. Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

During your studies, you will have the option to take part in extracurricular programs. From team-building activities to social clubs that feature guest speakers, these programs are designed to help you develop many of the soft skills you will need in your career and establish valuable connections for the future. Not only will these programs help you in the long run, they will also help you immediately after graduation by making you a more attractive hire for your future employer.

3. Take Full Advantage of Internships

Nothing can replace practical experience. If your school offers internships or the opportunity to meet professionals in your field, make sure that you take full advantage of these opportunities. They will give you a leg up during your post-graduation job hunt, as well as the self-confidence needed to perform excellently on your new job. You will also have the advantage of testing the water before deciding on a certain career path. For example, you would have the opportunity to try a job as an aerobics instructor, then decide if you would prefer to work as an athletic therapist instead. Only practical experience will give you these insights.

4. Research Your Future School

Different schools will have slightly different degrees and programs available. For example, at Robert Morris University, if you attain a master’s degree in human performance, you will receive the education needed to attain certain professional certifications immediately after graduation. These certifications are either essential for certain professions, or they will give you a leg up when you are looking for employment in your desired field.

Ready to Become an Exercise Science Major in Chicago?

Human performance and exercise science can be very rewarding fields for the right individual. If you take great pleasure in helping other people and seeing them improve their lives day after day, exercise science could be the perfect career opportunity for you. At Robert Morris University, we have been serving the educational needs of our students for over 100 years. We have developed a set of programs, courses, and facilities that will help prepare you for the job market, giving you an edge as a candidate. If you would like to know more about our exercise science and human performance program, get in touch with us today!