As you may know, psychology is one of the most popular majors in the US, with 117,557 bachelor’s of psychology degrees being awarded in 2014-2015. To drive the point further home, there were 1 million individuals who earned a degree in psychology between 2008-2017. This opens up a very important question: if so many people study psychology, is the job market saturated with psychologists? What are your future prospects if you earn your bachelor of psychology in Chicago?

Planning for your career while still in school

The best way to ensure that you hit the ground running after you graduate and that you find a good first job is to start planning for your career while you are still in college. Candidates that have a good education are great, but those that have good education and experience are much better.

Start by getting a feeling of the job market. You can do this by browsing various job boards, websites, industry publications, and even speaking to local businesses and employment agencies. The more information you can gather at this point, the better you are able to aim for your desired career.

Of course, figuring out exactly what you desire can be hard, and while this initial prospecting will give you an idea of what’s out there, you can use a different set of tools to better sketch your vision. Try looking forward four, five, or more years into the future. How do you see yourself? Are you in an office working with adults, or are you working with children in a different setting? What is your ideal city or geographic area, what is your schedule, and how much are you earning? If you can put it all down on paper, your ideal job will start to become more evident.


With the conceptual framework out of the way, it’s time to take action. Start by making a list of potential employers that meet your desired career path. One of the ways in which you can figure out if you enjoy the work and earn the experience that will make you a more attractive candidate is to volunteer. Many work environments that would be otherwise closed off to you may be interested in taking you in. You could find work at a private practice, a consultancy firm, or in an HR department—all of which could provide you with invaluable knowledge.

Internships for a Bachelor of Psychology in Chicago

Much like volunteering, internships allow you to provide value for a company in exchange for experience. However, internships differ in that the employer will offer internship positions, while volunteering requires a more proactive approach, where you initiate the conversation with a company or institution. Sure, there may not be the opportunity to earn money right away, but the experience you gain can be much more valuable in the long run.


All this extra work that you do outside of your university will have the added benefit of allowing you to network with professionals in your desired field. Of course, you will network with your peers within your study group and at school, but these individuals are not yet in the professional world and cannot help your career immediately after graduation. Also, do not overlook your professors. Many of them will be more than willing to help you out as you develop your career path and grow your network.

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