As you reach the end of your high school studies, you have to decide which degree you will pursue going forward. The degree has to open the right doors, offer the right career prospects, and have an interesting subject matter. One of your options is the business management degree, which is a very versatile degree that will open up many career paths for you.

What courses to expect when studying for a Business Management Degree in Chicago

The curriculum for the business management degree covers a variety of topics from accounting to marketing and, of course, management. Here are some of the courses that you may take:

  • Business law and ethics: This course will cover the fundamental principles of the laws that apply to business transactions. It will also survey the ethical concerns that you will encounter in the business world. The coursework will go through various aspects of contract law, partnerships, and public and private law.
  • Principles of marketing: Here, you will learn key marketing concepts such as business-to-business marketing, consumer buyer behavior, and market research techniques. You will also learn both general and industry-specific tactics.
  • Human resource management: The human resources department is essential to any organization, and this course will help you understand how to establish the company’s HR goals, procedures, and policies. Some of the topics covered will include the hiring process, employee discipline and benefits, and interviewing techniques.
  • Functional/project management: The focus of this course is on the interplay between various management roles within an organization. Among other topics, this will include the study of cross-functional team relations and of how divisional managers lead their teams.

What do you need in order to earn a business management degree in Chicago?

There are many paths that you can go down in your business management career. To start, you can earn a two-year associate’s degree that will allow you to break into the business world through an entry-level position. This option will allow you to work while you study for a bachelor’s degree, which will offer more opportunities to advance in your career.

Alternatively, you can go for the bachelor’s degree right away and earn work experience through internships and volunteering while you study. These will open more, better paying career options after you graduate. It’s also worth noting here that most employers will require a bachelor’s degree at a minimum for any business management positions. However, it is much more likely that employers will require additional certifications and professional experience for such positions. Still, getting your foot in the door with a bachelor’s degree will definitely raise your changes to attain a management role in the future. You can also opt to go for a master’s degree after you earn your bachelor’s. This degree will open up top-level positions within a company, and some employers may even offer to pay for your tuition as you work for them with a bachelor’s degree.

Career prospects for the business management degree in Chicago

As hinted at, your career prospects will depend on the level of your degree. For the associate’s degree, you will be qualified for jobs such as office manager, labor relations specialist, or administrative specialist positions. Those with bachelor’s degrees will be able to work as management consultants, HR managers, account executives, and business analysts. If you have a master’s degree, you will be able to work in positions such as brand manager, director of operations, senior management consultant, and chief executive officer.

Does a business management degree in Chicago sound like the right degree for you?

A career in business management can be very exciting and very lucrative. If you are good with both people and numbers, you will be able to excel in this field. To find out more about how you can earn your business management degree and what that entails, contact us today.