Today, sport is at the foundation of a very large industry. The roles available are wide ranging, from positions in professional sports teams to the personal fitness sector. In fact, experts trying to increase human physical performance and well being, reduce the risk of injuries, and speed up the recovery process, have been part of civilization since its inception. Careers available in this field can be found in every department of the business world, from sports marketing and management, to individual practices that provide physiotherapy or advice on nutrition. If you are passionate about physical activity and are interested in helping people reach their fullest potential, a sports science degree in Chicago might be the right choice for you.

Key skills

Throughout your studies, you will develop a set of skills that will help you in your future career. These skills include:

  • Knowledge of the human body
  • The ability to collect and analyze data using scientific methodologies
  • Skills for laboratory work
  • Knowledge of how the mind works in the context of human physical performance
  • Teamwork and team building skills

What is covered in the coursework of a Sports Science Degree?

As you can tell by the skills mentioned above, sports science is a multidisciplinary area of knowledge that covers everything from psychology to biomechanics and quantitative analysis skills. The coursework may vary from university to university, but the basic version of it will include a range of relevant subjects that are designed to help you excel at every aspect of your future profession. However, nutrition, physiology and organizational management are cornerstones of any human performance curriculum.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements will also be dependent on your school of choice. Generally speaking, you will have to show a solid aptitude in several areas of science such as physiology and human biology, along with a keen interest in sports.

Course structure

A bachelor’s degree in human performance will usually take about four years if you are attending school full time, but some universities will also offer accelerated programs which will allow you to graduate sooner. If you are going for the master’s degree as well, the duration of your studies will extend by one or two years. The courses are mostly composed of lectures and seminars, but there are also laboratory and practical sessions available to students. You will also be expected to conduct independent study and research.

To get the most out of your program, you should aim to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field. The assessment will be based on your coursework; practical, written and oral exams; and lab reports. Some programs will require a written dissertation or a piece of independent research at the end of your studies.

Specialization options for a Sports Science Degree in Chicago

Even though human performance is an already specialized field, there are several sub-specializations that you can opt for. One of them is sports management, which places a larger emphasis on the business, finance, operations and policy aspects of the sports industry. You then have physiotherapy, where your main focus will be the prevention and treatment of various sports-related injuries. If you choose to specialize in the field of physical education, your main area of interest will concern the practice of educating children and adolescents and preparing them for an athletic career. Other specializations include sports psychology and nutrition, which covers the various aspects of the mindset and diet that lead to optimal human performance.

Earning your Sports Science Degree in Chicago

By earning a sports science degree, you have numerous opportunities to work in a field that you love and advance to a well-paying position. You can also choose whether you want to work for a big company or institution, the public sector, or for your own private practice. If you would like to know more information about how to attain your masters in human performance, contact us today.