Take the Next Step

Robert Morris University Illinois recognizes that when students decide to attend college they do it because they envision a better life for themselves-personally and professionally. By forming a collaborative relationship with students, we inspire students to assume ownership of their career goals along with the confidence of knowing they have a “coach” during the process. Students receive the tools they need to launch their careers from professionals both in and out of the classroom.

Robert Morris has one of the most comprehensive programs to support students beginning at the start of freshman year. The experience based career curriculum meets the needs of students during each of their academic years, from freshman foundations to preparing students to meet the challenges of internships and client based projects to guiding seniors as they begin to enter the workforce or advance within their profession.

RMU’s curriculum consists of four required courses, one for each year of study, specifically designed to assist students in managing their career goals. Career information is collected and calculated at the time of graduation and then again six months after graduation. It is not collected by program, job title, or location and the statistics below are based on those who choose to complete the surveys.  This data provides information on satisfaction with support services, employment and further education.
  • 91% of graduates report being employed 6 months after graduation and 9% of bachelor’s degree graduates are attending graduate programs 6 months after graduation.
  • 71% of students report being employed at graduation.
  • 45% of graduates report making over $40,000 a year.
  • 77% of graduates report being satisfied with RMU’s career readiness coursework.
  • 69% of students report being satisfied with internship assistance.
  • 75% of graduates report being satisfied with Career Services.
  • 97% of students report being satisfied to very satisfied with RMU’s annual Career Fair.

Source: Data based on results from Robert Morris University’s Graduation Survey and Six-
month Post Graduation Survey 2017-2018