Employers and Partners

Employers and Partners 2017-09-14T09:21:45+00:00

We are proud of the relationships we have developed with employers from a wide range of industries. If you are an employer looking to fill open positions, then recruit from RMU for your employment needs.

Reasons to recruit from RMU:

  • Practical Instruction: RMU students are taught by experienced professionals who have been successful in the business, health, art & design, computer networking, and liberal arts fields
  • Tech Savvy: RMU incorporates the most recent technology into the learning environment to prepare students for the technological demands of the workforce
  • Applied Knowledge: RMU students are taught to transfer learning to experience through our focus on experiential teaching and learning
  • Industry Exposure: RMU students will complete internships in their industries prior to graduation for insight into the field
  • Experience: RMU’s has a large student population of professionals with prior work experience who are pursuing advanced degrees
  • Professionalism: RMU students take rigorous courses in career management to prepare them for the expectations of the professional landscape
  • Commitment: RMU students must manage an accelerated course load to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years
  • Career Focus: RMU students begin planning for their career in their first quarter
  • Diversity: RMU students represent a range of cultures, economic backgrounds, professional and personal experiences.  RMU is reflective of the community at large.

If you are an employer who would like to submit a job posting or request an intern, please contact Career Services at careerservices@robertmorris.edu or SUBMIT AN ONLINE JOB POSTING now.