Employers and Partners

Employers and Partners

We are proud of the relationships we have developed with employers from a wide range of industries. If you are an employer looking to fill open positions, then recruit from RMU for your employment needs.

  • Practical Instruction: RMU students are taught by experienced professionals who have been successful in the business, health, art & design, computer networking, and liberal arts fields
  • Tech Savvy: RMU incorporates the most recent technology into the learning environment to prepare students for the technological demands of the workforce
  • Applied Knowledge: RMU students are taught to transfer learning to experience through our focus on experiential teaching and learning
  • Industry Exposure: RMU students will complete internships in their industries prior to graduation for insight into the field
  • Experience: RMU’s has a large student population of professionals with prior work experience who are pursuing advanced degrees
  • Professionalism: RMU students take rigorous courses in career management to prepare them for the expectations of the professional landscape
  • Commitment: RMU students must manage an accelerated course load to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years
  • Career Focus: RMU students begin planning for their career in their first quarter
  • Diversity: RMU students represent a range of cultures, economic backgrounds, professional and personal experiences. RMU is reflective of the community at large.

What is the RMU Internship Program?

The RMU Internship Program provides an opportunity for organizations to work with students interested in gaining hands-on work experience related to their field of study.  Employers benefit from this program by training and mentoring new talent who assist in performing key organizational projects.

How are internships coordinated?

Businesses and organizations interested in participating in the Internship Program should contact the Office of Career Services.  Internship Coordinators refer students to internship opportunities based upon their majors and the specified qualifications for the position.  Employers are encouraged to contact and interview interested candidates and notify the Internship Coordinator of individual(s) selected for the internship.

How long do internships last?

Students work part-time, typically 10-16 hours per week for 10 weeks. Each internship experience has specific start and end dates to ensure that the internship project is completed in a timely manner.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

Internships may be paid or unpaid work experiences depending upon the employer’s preference.

What is my role as an internship supervisor?

The Internship Supervisor plays an integral role in the education of a student.  The supervisor provides guidance and assistance for the intern throughout the internship project.  In addition, the supervisor is asked to complete a midpoint and final evaluation of the intern’s performance.

Do students earn credit for internships?

Students receive academic credit for participating in internship projects that are approved by the Dean of their school of study.  The internship is comparable to material covered through coursework, and the internship evaluation and required documentation are comparable to the final exam of a class.  Credit is awarded upon final review of the work performed and receipt of all required documentation.

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