Working Together

Working Together

Personal and professional development begins for students in freshman year. Career Foundations is where Career Advisors work with freshman and sophomores to help them explore, learn and achieve within their chosen field. Students have support in identifying their options and gaining experience through internships, externships, practicum experience, and clinical rotations. Many students gain work experience through part-time jobs and the federal work-study program. College is the first step in building a career.

Experience Based Learning

At RMU we measure our students’ success not only on intellectual acumen, but on professional savvy as well. A comprehensive career management curriculum teaches students about all the facets of initiating and developing a successful career.

Through these courses students learn the most relevant tools and concepts for embarking upon their professions such as:

  • Writing a high impact resume and cover letter
  • Using social media for job searching
  • Developing an active professional network
  • Interviewing with confidence
  • Cultivating a powerful professional brand
  • Creating winning business presentations

From bringing industry professionals in the classroom to field trips to local employers for presentations, these classes bring the real world to the students and assist them in making the transition from college to work. Career Services helps Robert Morris students and alumni navigate their industry’s expectations of bachelor-and master-level graduates. Students during junior and senior years are prepared to secure employment through systematic job searches, interviewing, networking with support from our Office of Career Services. Our Career Advisors have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of career management to help students prepare to enter the professional market. We work closely with employers to stay abreast of their hiring needs so that our students will be armed with the skills and information necessary to be competitive candidates.