Business Administration Degree

Achieve Your Goals With RMU’s Business Administration Major 

Have you been searching for business administration schools that will help you achieve educational goals?  An undergraduate business administration degree from Robert Morris University Illinois gives you the training needed to succeed. Students with an RMU business administration major will be equipped with an advanced business education.

Our Business Administration degree program offers a broad-based general business curriculum with sound applied business components. The business administration program’s educational objectives focus on the understanding of business and the development of management skills through the study of accounting, finance, management, marketing and economics. Furthermore, graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) program obtain business skills utilizing current technology to apply toward a number of careers by working directly with companies and getting real world experience.

A Business Administration Degree Built For Success

An Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University will provide you with a solid business education in accounting, management, finance and marketing. Consequently, a business administration education will open doors to a wide variety of careers in today’s global business environment. Upon graduation at RMU’s business administration school, the aspiring manager or entrepreneur will be equipped with the skills needed to generate business solutions.

You will master all key components and aspects of the modern business world with your business degree. Students will supplement their studies both inside and outside the classroom with applied experience through group projects and internships. Through experience based learning students will learn principals through real world involvement. Pursue a Business Administration Degree to target and further develop your managerial skills. Students integrate such areas as marketing, accounting, finance, management or human resources.

 An Advanced Business Program for the Best Business Education

An RMU Bachelor of Business Administration degree is backed by a leading business educationOur business programs have specialized accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Accredited undergraduate business programs at RMU include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration in ManagementAssociate of Applied Science in Business Administration.

As you earn your Business Administration Degree from Robert Morris University Illinois, you will also be equipped with the knowledge on how to evaluate and integrate business theories and skills. Robert Morris University Illinois also offers a dual degree in business management, which save time and tuition by graduating sooner. This accelerated degree program allows students the opportunity to earn both their undergraduate degree and masters degree at the same time. Hence, students who enter this honors program can finish both degrees in 4.5 years as opposed to 6-7 years.

  • Financial Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • International Business Manager
  • Law Clerk Assistant
  • Comptroller
  • Loan Administrator
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Personal Banker
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Assistant Administrator
  • Executive Assistant
97% of Robert Morris University Bachelor Degree Graduates Finish in 4 years or less

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Go Beyond your Expectations

Students have the opportunity to obtain both their bachelor’s and their master’s degrees simultaneously to save time and money through RMU’s dual degree program.

With a culture of business for over 100 years, RMU also offers the Morris Graduate School of Management for students to expand their knowledge with a master’s degree.

Master of Business Administration

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/HR Management
  • Management/Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance

Master of Information Systems

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems Management

Master of Management

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Sports Administration

Master of Science

  • Human Performance

Study Abroad Opportunities available up to 4 times a year in locations such as: Italy, Taiwan, and England