Business Marketing Degree

A Business Marketing Degree Designed For a Successful Career

Robert Morris University IllinoisBachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing is designed for those who are seeking a comprehensive marketing education. RMU students with a marketing major will be able to graduate from our business administration program with the skills needed for a future career in marketing.

A Robert Morris University Business Administration Degree in marketing is designed to include coursework and experience in applied marketing. Our marketing courses provide training in market research methods and quantitative reasoning that are valued in many marketing careers in business and government. The business marketing program combines a first-rate business education with a broad-based liberal arts foundation to provide you with the skills, expertise, and intellectual sophistication needed to advance in today’s dynamic business environment. 

Learn To Excel In RMU Business Marketing Classes

A Business Marketing Degree from Robert Morris University Illinois will provide individuals with an advanced business education. Our marketing program will open doors to a wide variety of careers in today’s global business environment. Upon graduation from RMU’s business marketing school, students will be able to apply the knowledge gained from marketing classes and apply them to their future career.

Our students will learn marketing from knowledgable instructors who will develop a student’s ability to create an effective marketing strategy. This will include applying the four elements of marketing: price, product, promotion, and placement/distribution in real-world examples. The RMU business marketing classes will teach students how to use market research and other methods of quantitative and qualitative reasoning to develop and evaluate effective marketing strategies. A BBA in Marketing will help individuals learn to identify and quantify the components of an effective marketing strategy in a technology-based world.

A Business Marketing Major For a Competitive Business Environment

Robert Morris University’s Business Bachelor Degree in Marketing is designed to provide business courses and real world experience in advanced topics in management and marketing. Our business marketing classes build on many career specialties in business or related fields requiring managerial skills, including – but not limited to – business management, market research, and social media. Graduates from our business marketing program can obtain management and supervisory positions in business or related fields requiring strong managerial training.

RMU business marketing courses will give students the tools needed to acquire and excel in related business fields. Through experience-based learning, the business and marketing classes will provide real-world training with group projects, field experiences, guest speakers and internships. Students will learn valuable principals through exclusive opportunities in real world involvement with RMU’s Chicago business partners and apply them to their academic fulfillment.

97% of Robert Morris University Bachelor Degree Graduates Finish in 4 years or less

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Go Beyond your Expectations

Students have the opportunity to obtain both their bachelor’s and their master’s degrees simultaneously to save time and money through RMU’s dual degree program.

With a culture of business for over 100 years, RMU also offers the Morris Graduate School of Management for students to expand their knowledge with a master’s degree.

Master of Business Administration

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/HR Management
  • Management/Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance

Master of Information Systems

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems Management

Master of Management

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Sports Administration

Master of Science

  • Human Performance

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