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At Robert Morris University Illinois, you can master basic to advanced culinary techniques that apply to many styles of cuisine in the city of Chicago, home to hundreds of top rated restaurants and hotels. You will have the knowledge and experience you need to be successful, whether you are running your own restaurant, managing and operating the front or back of the house, or event planning. RMU’s associate and bachelor degree opportunities will give you the professional experience needed to be prepared for the global competitive environment.

The Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts focuses on real-world experience where future chefs are taught by industry professionals using techniques that are current and trending in restaurants here and around the country.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Advanced Culinary Arts
sharpens the skills future chefs are taught in their first two years. Students will further explore what it takes to manage a foodservice operation and will be given the tools to one day possibly own their own business. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the pastry world through our advance baking and pastry classes.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects Chef and Head Cook occupations will grow 9% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

  • Taste of the World
  • Restaurant Management
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Spirits, Wine, and Beverage Management
  • Purchasing & Cost Control
  • Advanced Restaurant a la Carte
  • Menu Management & Facility Design
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“RMU’s Pop-up Restaurant Series provides an encapsulating experience for culinary students. They have complete autonomy over the concept, menu, design, and flow of their very own pop-up restaurant. Students learn the importance of quick-response decision making, meeting strict deadlines, the vision and mission behind a start-up business, menu development, budgeting, and managing a team. This is a true capstone experience for our culinary students!”

 – Brad Hinsley, Culinary Arts Faculty

Go Beyond your Expectations

Students have the opportunity to obtain both their bachelor’s and their master’s degrees simultaneously to save time and money through RMU’s dual degree program.

With a culture of business for over 100 years, RMU also offers the Morris Graduate School of Management for students to expand their knowledge with a master’s degree.

Master of Business Administration

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/HR Management
  • Management/Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance

Master of Information Systems

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Security
  • Mobile Computing
  • Information Systems Management

Master of Management

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Sports Administration

Master of Science

  • Human Performance

Study Abroad Opportunities available up to 4 times a year in locations such as: Italy, Taiwan, and England