Graphic Design Degree

RMU’s Graphic Design Programs Offer a Comprehensive Multi-Media Education

Robert Morris University Illinois offers  both an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design Degree. At RMU, our graphic design classes will provide the skills needed to create visual concepts and to communicate ideas by using cutting-edge software to prepare you for the industry’s competitive environment. Web, video, print, photography and digital animation are all covered through our graphic arts courses. Students will be equipped with the knowledge necessary for effective visual presentation of verbal, photographic and graphic information. Those in RMU’s graphic design school will also learn to communicate visually and verbally by using an aesthetic perspective, which is developed through the study of design history and theory.

The Graphic Design School at RMU Provides Advanced Graphic Design Classes

RMU’s graphic design classes provide students with an advanced education that utilizes experienced-based learning. Students in our graphic design school will supplement their classroom academics with guest lecturers, real-world experience, outside internships and integration projects.

The Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design Degree equips students with both manual skills and industry-based computer software to manipulate graphics, style text, arrange visual elements for publishing, design studios, advertising studios and business organizations. 

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design Degree offers students a broad-based general education combined with an extensive design education that qualifies graduates to work across multiple media and disciplines. Through the integration of project simulations, internships and client-based experiences, students gain skills in RMU’s graphic design courses that are current with industry demand. Students complete the program with a professional grade portfolio that highlights the best examples of their work.

Our Graphic Arts Courses Provide The Tools Needed For a Successful Career 

RMU’s graphic arts courses will give you the professional experience to be prepared to address the varying demands in the industry today. The graphic design programs emphasize the experiential nature of design through project-based learning and internship experiences with cultural institutions, businesses and even other colleges. Students also have the opportunity to showcase artwork in one of the state’s largest downtown art galleries.

Conveniently located in downtown Chicago, Robert Morris University’s main campus is centered in the heart of the city. Completion of this program prepares students for entry-level positions as a Graphic Designer, Digital Production Artists, Director of Photography, Web Designer, UI-UX Designer, Videographer or an Entrepreneur.

  • Graphic Designer
  • Director of Photography
  • Web Designer
  • UI-UX Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Videographer
  • Corporate Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Graphic Design
  • Design Interaction for Mobile
  • Design Interaction for Web
  • Video & Sound Production
  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Publishing
  • Digital Photography & Imaging
97% of Robert Morris University Bachelor Degree Graduates Finish in 4 years or less

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graphic design
graphic design

During a creative bootcamp our students worked collaboratively with others from across Chicago, the US and the world and were mentored throughout the process by some of the best creative professionals in the ad industry.

Go Beyond your Expectations

Students have the opportunity to obtain both their bachelor’s and their master’s degrees simultaneously to save time and money through RMU’s dual degree program.

With a culture of business for over 100 years, RMU also offers the Morris Graduate School of Management for students to expand their knowledge with a master’s degree.

Master of Business Administration

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/HR Management
  • Management/Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance

Master of Information Systems

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems Management

Master of Management

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Sports Administration

Master of Science

  • Human Performance

Study Abroad Opportunities available up to 4 times a year in locations such as: Italy, Taiwan, and England