Experiential Education Academy

Experiential Education Academy
March 2-3, 2018

The Experiential Education Academy is a six workshop professional development series through the National Society for Experiential Education that leads to an EEA certification. Four of six required courses will be offered at RMU on March 2-3. 


Deadline to Register is February 16,2018.
Space is limited

As a partner with NSEE, Robert Morris University Illinois hosts the EEA to provide this professional development opportunity to experiential educators in the Midwest.

Fundamentals of Experiential Education (Offered March 3)
Participants in this workshop will explore the theoretical and philosophical roots of experiential education and the principles of good practice fundamental to all types of experiential learning.  Participants will have an opportunity to actively explore the implications and applications of this information, and to identify the resources available for continued professional development and specific use in their programs

Principles of Ethical & Best Practices (Offered March 3)
Workshop participants will examine two NSEE foundation documents, the Guiding Principles of Ethical Practice and Principles of Best Practice in Experiential Education. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of these principles through both a theoretical examination of the contents and a hands-on experiential component where participants will be given an opportunity to generate ideas specific to their own programs.

While experiences are the first E in experiential education, it is through reflection that the learning takes its root and makes lasting changes.  According to Kolb, learning is a process where knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.  Reflection is integral to that transformation.  This workshop will explore methods of guiding students to be more reflective in their experiences and following their experiences:  the use of journals in reflection and models for conducting regular seminars promoting reflection and reflective conversation.

Assessment (Offered March 2)
This workshop will introduce beginners to the fundamentals of assessment in experiential learning settings and provide intermediate level assessment training for practitioners beyond the beginner’s level, who seek to improve their outcomes assessment skills.  The primary goal is to assist participants in the development of an outcomes assessment plan to use at their own institution.  Employing a hands-on, active learning approach, this workshop will include a mix of presentation, applied tasks, small group work, and interactive discussion.

Legal Issues (Offered March 2)
This workshop examines the broad range of legal issues that arise in administering experiential learning programs, with particular emphasis on the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of the school, work-site, and student.  Key issues such as student, school and work-site liability, risk management (including waivers, assumption of risk and insurance), protecting and accommodating student rights (including discrimination and ADA compliance), tax and compensation consideration, contractual obligations, and issues arising out of the use of public funds,will be examined.  Time will be allotted for participants to engage in a discussion of these issues, as well as explore the application of legal issues to their specific programs in a “legal clinic” format.

Optional Sessions (choose 1):
Teaching & Learning Experientially
Developing a Quality Internship Program
Strengthening EE at Your Institution
Strategic Planning for Experiential Program Design

Each workshop runs 3 1/2 hours. Additional courses will be offered at RMU in 2018-19 (Dates TBD). EEA workshops are also offered each year as part of the pre-conference offerings at the NSEE national conference. Additionally, regional workshops and conferences around the country hosted by NSEE partners may also be open to individual participants. 

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For active NSEE members:
1 workshop – $195.00
2 workshops – $345.00
3 workshops – $495.00
4 workshops – $645.00

For non-members, it is $215 per workshop. 

The workshops will take place at RMU’s Chicago campus, which is located in the South Loop neighborhood, surrounded by fine dining, shopping, and iconic cultural institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago. Complimentary breakfast snacks and coffee will be provided each morning. A lunch break will be provided each day, and a list of recommended dining options within walking distance of campus will be provided.


Robert Morris University Illinois
401 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60605


“I liked the design of the training. The flow encouraged discussion with colleagues in like areas as well as with staff and administration to hear and discuss different perceptions and perspectives.”

Dr. Robert Tenuta

“I enjoyed connecting theory to the items we already are doing at [my institution], and reaffirming we are on the right track, and thinking of ways we could improve our outcomes.”

Deanna Lee

“Each workshop provided me with valuable content that I can use to impact my students and institution.”

Mick McMahon

Deadline to Register is February 16,2018.
Space is limited

For additional information or questions, please contact the Robert Morris University Experience-based Learning Institute at ebli@robertmorris.edu.