Masters in Business Administration

MBA Programs Designed To Help Students Thrive

Robert Morris University Illinois’ Masters in Business Administration program (MBA) is designed to prepare students to thrive in today’s challenging business environment. As a leading MBA school, our MBA Degree is structured to allow students to apply their experience with what they learn and become future executive leaders in business. The accelerated MBA program which can be completed in two years or less, with most students completing the Master Degree program in 20 months.

Morris Graduate School’s MBA programs prepare students to meet the rigorous demands and changing expectations required in an advanced business career. Our Master Degree program has an emphasis on the application of concepts and decision-making through the study of accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing. With our main Robert Morris University campus in downtown Chicago along with locations throughout Chicagoland, your MBA education gives you convenient access to both work and home.

Succeed With a Leading MBA School

As students learn to demonstrate communication strategies appropriate to professional roles, they will be able to conceptualize, organize and resolve complex business problems. Robert Morris University’s MBA program will teach you how to manage technological resources to meet organizational goals and how to synthesize and integrate relevant evidence to drive strategic actions.

Through the Masters in Business Administration, students will foster personal leadership skills that will help them excel in future opportunities. Graduates will receive a MBA Degree instructed by experienced professors, giving them the tools needed to move forward in higher management and executive positions. Students will learn advanced topics to meet those goals such as complex problem solving, the use of technology to build business, time management effectiveness, and the ability to work with and sustain networks with a wide variety of people.

An Affordable MBA Education with Accelerated and Dual Degree Options

Robert Morris University’s Masters in Business Administration program allows students the flexibility to earn a Master’s Degree at their own pace with both part-time and full-time MBA programs. Students can tailor their education and choose specific concentrations to meet their goals including Management, Human Resource or Accounting. Graduate students can elect to receive a second concentration in finance or human resource at a reduced rate.

RMU also offers a dual degree option. This program allows students the opportunity to earn both their Undergraduate Degree and Masters Degree at the same time. Students who enter this honors business program can finish both degrees in 4.5 years as opposed to 6-7 years.Upon graduation, students will have received the required education to move forward in today’s business world with confidence.

Upon graduation from the RMU Master Degree program, students will have received the training and business career advancement education to move forward in today’s business world with confidence. Our MBA school will give most students the necessary credentials after graduation to seek out further professional certifications such as being able to sit for the CPA exam.

MBA Tracks to choose from:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Management/Finance

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With a culture of business for over 100 years, RMU also offers the Morris Graduate School of Management for students to expand their knowledge with a master’s degree.

Master of Business Administration

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/HR Management
  • Management/Finance
  • Accounting
  • Accounting/Finance

Master of Information Systems

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems Management

Master of Management

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Health Care Administration
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Sports Administration

Master of Science in Human Performance

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