By clicking on the “Make Payment” button, you will be directed to a secure payment screen where you will need to provide your RMUI Student ID.

Any payment submitted through this online payment site will be applied to the student’s tuition account.

Make Payment


If you charge books or other miscellaneous charges to your student account, the amount is due with the next payment installment. Keep in mind that a constant payment amount may not cover these additional charges, but a single payment can be made at any time to pay the additional amount due. Please refer to your billing statement to obtain the total amount due on your account during a given installment period.

A receipt for your payment will be sent directly to the e-mail address of your choice.

If you have questions regarding your student account, please contact your Financial Aid Advisor.  You can call toll free 800.762.5960 and ask to speak with the Financial Services Department at your campus.