Robert Morris University Illinois (RMU) and Chicago City Colleges (CCC) have partnered to support Star Scholar students.

Star Scholar Partnership Advantage:

  • CCC students would be dually admitted through the RMU Star Scholar Partners’ Program.
  • RMU will accept at Junior standing, any Star Scholar with an Associate Degree from CCC.
  • CCC Star Scholars qualify for a scholarship of up to $12,000 toward the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree to the Robert Morris University College of Adult Studies.
  • CCC Star Scholar Associate degree graduates with an Associate Degree and 3.25 CGPA from CCC qualify to enroll in one of the Dual Degree programs at RMU allowing them to obtain their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree simultaneously to save time and tuition cost.
  • CCC Star Scholar Associate degree graduates have the option to explore a 2nd major at no tuition cost.
  • CCC students will receive the most up-to-date and tailored advising on transfer opportunities, RMU will dedicate transfer advisors as needed to address the needs of CCC students.
  • RMU will recognize CCC pathways to increase:
    • CCC students receiving RMU credits while at CCC
    • successful transfer of CCC students as full juniors
    • ultimate completion of four-year degrees
  • RMU and CCC will cross-train admissions and academic advisors to support these efforts.

To speak with a Transfer Advisor or schedule a visit, please contact:

Kyle Thompson

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