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We are excited to announce that together, Roosevelt University and Robert Morris University Illinois have submitted an application to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to make Robert Morris a part of Roosevelt University. Robert Morris would be integrated into, and continue under, the name of Roosevelt University. The integration of the two universities would help build on historic missions that honor diversity and access to education, welcoming first-generation students and minorities.   

The Robert Morris legacy of accelerated degree programs, career preparation, job placement, and experience-based learning will remain core values that grow even stronger as we become the Robert Morris Experiential College of Roosevelt University.

This application is subject to the approval of the HLC and the governing boards of Roosevelt and Robert Morris. The HLC application is the first step in the process and constitutes a joint request for permission to pursue the proposed transaction. HLC will need to take steps to review the proposal and will likely reach a decision in early 2020. 

Your current and future success is our utmost concern.

Key Points:

  • World-Class Education – Students get the best of classroom knowledge, professional experience and student life.
  • Accelerated Programs – Your time to degree will not increase. We will work with each student individually to ensure a seamless transition requiring no extra time or classes to graduate.
  • Affordability –  RMU awarded over $25 million in scholarships last year and plans to honor all scholarships. The current tuition rates for your program will remain unchanged through the 2020-2021 academic year.  Additionally, you will keep your current scholarship and financial aid, provided you keep to the terms of your agreement.
  • Numerous Student Opportunities to Engage – With over 50 athletic and performing arts teams, students will have the same access to participation opportunities. There are no plans to discontinue any athletic or performing arts program offerings, and additional reserve and club team opportunities will be created.
  • National, Regional and State Degree Accreditation – Both Robert Morris University and Roosevelt University are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
  • Become a Part of History – Earn your degree from an institution which unites historic missions that honor diversity and access to education, welcoming first-generation students and minorities.


This integration will provide you: 

  • Additional degree options. Robert Morris University will add its majors to Roosevelt University’s large portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs, meaning Robert Morris students can continue in their existing programs or have the option to move into a Roosevelt degree program.
  • Additional courses. Like majors, Roosevelt University has different types of classes that students may be interested in taking, such as advanced science and math courses.
  • More flexibility. Robert Morris University and Roosevelt University will work to increase the flexibility for when, where, and how you take classes, including more online options.
  • Increased experiential education. Both Robert Morris University and Roosevelt University are dedicated to providing you opportunities to learn by doing through experience-based coursework, internships, study abroad, service learning, and more.
  • Expanded extracurricular opportunities. Robert Morris University and Roosevelt University will combine our clubs and organizations, meaning you’ll have even more exciting opportunities to get involved.
  • Expanded career network. Combining our alumni and partners will provide you a larger professional network and increased access to career opportunities.

President Mablene Krueger
“I’m very excited about partnering with Roosevelt.  There are many synergies between our two universities. This  and the  universities’  proximity  will enable immediate implementation of best practices and programmatic expansion,  while  ensuring a seamless transition for the students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.”

President Mablene Krueger, Robert Morris University Illinois
President Ali Malekzadeh

“Combining the two universities will hopefully create a single institution that can serve student demand for different types of education and programs.
From the students’ perspective, it’s really more and more choices.”

President Ali Malekzadeh, Roosevelt University
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RMU by the Numbers

of Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Finished in 4 Years or Less
in Scholarships Awarded by RMU Last Year
of our Students Participate in a Sport or Campus Organization
of Graduates Report being Employed Six Months after Graduation
of Students Complete an Internship before they Graduate

Education through Experience

RMU isn’t your typical style of education. It’s innovative…it’s collaborative…it’s transferable… it’s experience-based learning. At RMU, experience-based learning happens in the classroom, laboratories, neighborhoods, corporate arenas, city environments, cultural attractions, on the field in athletics or on the stage in performance arts. Simply put – learn by doing. With built-in experiences incorporated into the curriculum, students can readily take what they are learning and apply it in a real-world environment.

Meet the Demands of Employers

After each experience, students reflect on the learning outcomes and connect how the skills gained in the experience will apply to future academic, personal, and professional goals. These experiences provide students the transferable skills necessary to meet the expectations and demands of employers.


For more information, please contact

Mason Riley
Associate Dean of Admissions & Electronic Enrollment