Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

70% of students participate in a RMU sponsored club or sport.

Robert Morris University Illinois Student Clubs/Organizations provide students with opportunities to create communities, establish relationships, develop skills, and obtain valuable experience to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Join one of RMU’s established clubs or organizations, or start your own!

The RMU Accounting Honor Society was founded for the purpose of recognizing the top students in the BS in Accounting and MBA Accounting programs. Membership is extended only to a select group of accounting students. The standards are high and are established to include only those accounting majors who are (1) Junior Status, (2) have an overall 3.50 GPA with a 3.70 GPA in Accounting at RMU, and (3) have completed Intermediate Accounting One (or equivalent). Each spring an induction ceremony will be held for new members.

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Recommended for recent graduates and established alum looking for networking opportunities. Establish and continually enhance your bond with Robert Morris University.


To provide a structure environment for Anime lovers together, provide in the opportunity for networking, to establish a foundation for future Anime Club activities, offer an extracurricular for fine art non-fine art students, and expand the knowledge of different global culture(s) and create understanding and tolerance of this genre.

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Combine classroom time with hands-on experience. Learn skills that will give you an edge over your peers. Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) is one of the best leadership courses in the country: ROTC

Major Brendon Falsioni
Office: (312) 935-6419

Campus events to reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote a collegiate atmosphere. 

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Strives to continue the traditions of helping, supporting and sponsoring organizations or groups that do good for society as a whole.  We vow to encourage others to serve wholeheartedly and give selflessly through the passion of food.

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To support and develop outstanding Robert Morris University students as future leaders of the hospitality industry. By providing members skill building activities, leadership projects, and networking opportunities, the Culinary Society offers those outstanding students an environment to shine.

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Robert Morris University’s official student-run news source.  You can find the Eagle newspaper around campus or learn more on the Eagle blog.

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Robert Morris University’s literary publication including poems, songs, stories and art expressions.

Check out the The Egg

ESFC’s goal is to not only make a difference in our community but in other communities as well. As a group we will decide how to raise money and who for. As a group our goal is use our individual skills and abilities together as well as out time to raise funds in order to help others in need. We also promise to spend a minimum 10 additional hours a month doing outside community service. Such as but not limited to visiting nursing homes and or soup kitchens.

Contact or Director of Education Mirta Martinez-Olmos at

Eagles United for a Cause aims to bring awareness to the community non-profit organizations. Our Goal is to recruit students who will be committed to becoming regular volunteers beyond graduation. Each officer will commit to a minimum of 10 hours a month of volunteer service.

Contact or Director of Education Mirta Martinez-Olmos at

A national honor society in paralegal/legal assistant studies to recognize persons who have demonstrated superior academic performance in an established program of paralegal/legal assistant studies.

Contact: Professor Margarite Loew at

Students engage in a variety of law-related activities, such as mock trial.

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M.A.G.I.C. allows undergrad/graduate students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to create mobile applications and work with others.

Contact: or Professor Naresh Nohria at

Provides Morris Graduate School of Management students with opportunities to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management in the field of Human Resource Management through networking, speakers, events and affiliations with the national SHRM organization and the local professional association of the Society of Human Resources Professionals.

Contact or Professor Robert Tenuta at

Promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic attainment among the freshman in our institutions of higher learning.

Contact: or Director of Student Professional Engagement Carrie Roath at

An international honor society for business students that are pursuing baccalaureate or master’s degrees. To be eligible for lifetime membership and national recognition, students must rank in the upper 20 percent of their class. Available to juniors and seniors.

Contact, or Professor Loreli Hand at

The Student Council is dedicated to serving as a unified voice for Robert Morris University student in expressing student needs and concerns, promoting the advancement of the university, and increasing student success.

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The Robert Morris University Chapter of UNA-USA is the ideal organization for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni with an interest in global affairs. The organization is involved in service projects that explore diverse cultures and issues of global relevance within the framework of the United Nations mission to educate, inspire and mobilize support for the principles and vital work of the United Nations. This includes priorities (Millennial Goals) such as eliminating poverty, providing universal access to education, ending hunger, and promotion of human rights and health initiatives. All are welcome!

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Distribute relevant information to veterans about education benefits, health care, financial aid, and counseling.

Contact: or Student President Thomas Nicpon at

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Want to start your own club?

If you are interested in starting your own club or organization download the Application and Constitution Packet

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