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The RMU egg staff is pleased to announce that the 18th volume of egg is ready for reading!

Browse the site while you’re here and check out past issues too.

We are accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction and non-fiction, photography, drawing, and other visual arts to be considered for publication in one of our upcoming egg issues, so check out our Submissions Criteria and click on “Make a Submission” and send us your work. Please check back for further information and, of course, follow RMU’s egg on both Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date.
RMU egg is a literary journal published annually featuring the creative works of the RMU community from all campuses. Poetry, short stories, essays, and original artwork are all accepted.

Why “egg”?

A quick answer would be that our magazine is the baby sibling of Robert Morris [University]’s excellent newspaper, the Eagle. A longer answer would take note that  an egg is where something begins. In the poems, stories, essays, and artwork that follows, you’ll see the beginnings of dozens of promising artistic lives. Maybe a few of them will even spark the beginning of something within your own mind.

– John Beer, Editorial Board egg 2000


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