The Learning Commons is Robert Morris University’s tutoring central. If you’re having difficulty with a particular class or concept, you can get additional instruction outside of the classroom by visiting the Learning Commons (LC). You’ll get one-on-one support from faculty, professional tutors, and graduate tutors. This collective tutoring center provides structured support for student learners in an inviting modular environment with soft seating, open space, desktop computers in multiple variations, and a conference room. This is a student centered space to allow for collaboration and learning across programs. Flexible to a student’s schedule with support throughout the week and even on Saturdays. Faculty tutoring hours are posted by subject area and scheduling ensures broad coverage to support students in all programs.

The 6th floor boasts a large space for student/faculty mentoring, small group learning, and co-curricular workshops and presentations. Faculty from multiple disciplines hold office ours, provide tutoring, and students can earn extra credit by working with grad students and professional tutors scheduled to give support six days a week in a face to face setting. Student groups hold meetings and reflective downtime can come through games of chess or challenge events.

The LC provides make-up testing as a resource/service to faculty and students. Make-up testing gives students an opportunity to make up a test or quiz when a faculty member is unavailable. If instructors have a written make-up policy for tests and/or quizzes, it is their prerogative to have the test administered by the LC. Tests and quizzes may be made up during the official “make-up time” (designated by each location). A proctor administers the tests.

The LC strives to service all students. In addition to tutoring, the LC provides several enrichment activities to give students the opportunity to enhance their learning. We sponsor such activities as:

Writing Development

The LC provides Writing Center support to improve students’ foundational writing skills, such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, rhetoric, organization and critical thinking. Aligns discipline-specific writing techniques with the foundations mastered in English courses. Prepares students for more professional writing situations in business and industry such as resumes, cover letters, scholarship letters and personal statements for graduate school.

Special Speakers/Seminars

The LC also offers a variety of enrichment activities such as special discipline-related workshops (i.e., “How to Solve Math Word Problems, “Creative Writing”, etc.) or guest speakers on special topics that relate to academic majors (i.e., “Compliance with the ADA as it Relates to the Medical Field”, etc.).

Student Success Workshops

The LC provides Student Success Workshops throughout the quarter on topics such as basic computer skills (e-mail, saving to a disk, etc.), using the Microsoft Office Suite, general study skills, note taking, and test taking. These workshops are short and interactive and provide students the opportunity to take their skills to the next level or brush up on basic skills they already have. Students also get support with guided online learning labs to extend the instruction outside of the classroom walls.

Extra Credit Opportunities

The LC offers students the opportunity to earn extra credit in their classes for attending a tutoring session. Students should have the extra-credit voucher form stamped by the front reception desk of the LC and submit it to their instructor. Extra credit points or the amount of points is granted at the discretion of each instructor.